In today’s world, video conferencing has become a necessity for both personal and professional communication. With remote work on the rise, making a connection with others through a screen has become increasingly important. With its latest AI-powered feature in Nvidia Broadcast, Eye Contact, Nvidia has taken the video conferencing experience to the next level. This new feature allows you to simulate eye contact with the camera, even if you’re looking elsewhere in real life.

Eye Contact is designed for content creators who want to record themselves without having to look directly at the camera, or for anyone who wants to appear more engaged during virtual meetings. The AI technology behind the feature replaces your eyes with simulated ones aligned with the camera, making it seem like you’re making eye contact. Nvidia also claims that Eye Contact will try to match the color of your real eyes to make the simulation even more realistic.

However, the reality of Eye Contact falls short of the hype in some ways. During our testing, we noticed that the animated eye movement sometimes made it look like our eyes were darting around at superhuman speeds, and there were also distracting pop-ins that took away from the overall realism. Nvidia acknowledges these issues and labels the feature as a beta, inviting feedback from the community to help improve the technology.

Despite its flaws, Eye Contact is a glimpse into the future of AI-powered video conferencing. Nvidia has been incorporating machine learning into its graphics cards for years, with DLSS, an AI-powered feature that upscales images, being a central selling point. The latest version of DLSS, DLSS 3, generates entirely new frames for gameplay. Nvidia Broadcast also includes AI-powered features, such as background replacement and noise cleanup.

Eye Contact isn’t the only feature Nvidia has added to version 1.4 of Broadcast. The latest update also includes a vignette effect similar to Instagram’s and improved blur, replacement, and removal of virtual background effects. Whether you’re a content creator or looking to appear more engaged during virtual meetings, Eye Contact is a game-changer in video conferencing.

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