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This app is a versatile mobile and web platform that merges the best features, fostering genuine connections and relationships within a community.

About The Client

Qavah is a comprehensive courting web and mobile platform developed for the users to connect and discover meaningful connections and lasting relationships within the community. It’s a blend of Tinder’s intuitive swiping and’s commitment to find the perfect match. The platform facilitates genuine connections and relationships so you can say goodbye to endless scrolling – with every swipe, meet sincerity.



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Services We Provided

Mobile And Web Application

Tools that we used

Adobe XD
Laravel (PHP)
Postman (for API testing)
AdminLTE (for admin panel templates)
React Native
Dedicated Server

The Idea Behind Qavah

The client envisioned a comprehensive courting platform which is built on the belief that finding love is a purposeful journey. The primary objective of Qavah was to give individuals a safe and trusted platform where they can explore and forge relationships while honoring their cultural heritage and values. Qavah originated from the recognition of a need – need to connect, to build relationships, to celebrate the cultural heritage and to redefine the idea of online dating – one meaningful relationship at a time.

Core Features:

The key features and functionalities focus on enhancing user experience and add value to the platforms

Swipe Card Functionality

Qaval allows users to swipe through profiles and indicate interest by liking, disliking, or super liking profiles.

Advanced Search Filters

With Qavah’s advanced search option, users can refine their search criteria based on criteria such as location radius, age, preferences,

Paid Features:

Profile Spotlight

Users can pay to have their profiles displayed prominently for a limited time.

Profile Verification

Users can verify their profiles with real images to gain a verified badge.

Chat Functionality

Provides one-on-one conversations with matches through a basic chat

User Authentication and Security

Qavah ensures secure user authentication mechanisms and data encryption protocols to ensure user data privacy and security.

Reporting and Blocking

To maintain a safe and respectful community, users can report or block inappropriate profiles.

Subscription Management:

Allows user to manage their subscription plans, upgrade/downgrade, or cancel their subscriptions as needed.

The Challenges

Some key areas required careful consideration and posed significant challenges.

Merging the functionalities of two different platforms without compromising on the app’s usability was a challenge from technical and design aspect. Additionally implementing paid features such as profile spotlighting and profile verification while ensuring fairness and transparency had its own sets of hurdles. Maintaining a balance between security measures and apps usability was crucial. Another challenge was to ensure app’s compatibility across different devices and platforms while maintaining user engagement and retention in a competitive market with similar dating apps

The Outcome

During the development phase, our primary aim was to implement scalable architecture and infrastructure to accommodate growing user base and ensure the app works seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. Qavah, courting app was successfully launched, meeting the client’s expectations and requirements. The growing active user base and successful implementation of paid features proves to be successful in generating revenue for the app and highlights the apps relevance and importance. We continue to take feedback into consideration to enhance the overall user experience – From seamless navigation to innovative features. Our aim is to pave the way for future opportunities of growth and innovation.

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