QBid Now

QBid Now is a mobile app that connects you to skilled negotiators, who will bargain to secure the finest deal on your behalf. The project encompassed the development of a digital hub, a user-centric mobile app, and an amplified social media presence, all aimed at delivering quality and accessibility to discerning users.

Empowering Quality-Seekers

QBID is a mobile app designed for those seeking the most cost-effective solutions for their various repair and project needs. With just one tap, QBID connects you to a skilled negotiator who will liaise with your vendor or sales representative, skillfully bargaining to secure the finest deal available.

Client's Vision

QBid Now entrusted Virtue Xolutions not just with an app, but with the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem. Our journey with QBid Now began with the development of a logo that symbolized not only their commitment to quality but also their accessibility to a discerning audience.

Our Approach

Our partnership with QBid Now was grounded in an approach that seamlessly integrated innovation, strategy, and design. Our goal was to transform QBid Now’s vision into a tangible reality that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Website Development - Creating a Digital Hub

We built QBid Now’s website from the ground up, ensuring that it served as a digital hub that showcased their commitment to quality and accessibility. It wasn’t just a website; it was a reflection of their brand’s essence.

Mobile App Development - User-Centric Innovation

Our journey continued with the creation of a user-centric mobile app. Beyond coding, it was about crafting an experience. The app was designed to be multi-touchpoint and fully integrated, empowering both users and vendors to engage effortlessly while ensuring that quality services were always within easy reach.

A Seamless User Experience - Connecting Quality-Seekers

The QBid Now app seamlessly connected users to a network of skilled negotiators, streamlining the process of securing unbeatable deals. Its intuitive design empowered users to navigate effortlessly, ensuring that quality services were always just a click away.

Social Media Engagement - Amplifying the Brand's Reach

Our strategic setup of QBid Now’s social media presence enhanced their brand reach and connection. With a well-crafted communication strategy, QBid Now effectively engaged with their audience, fostering a community that resonated with their values.