Pay Me First

Pay Me First, a groundbreaking financial literacy mobile app designed for young children, sought to transform financial education by providing a platform where children could learn the fundamentals of financial management and independence from an early age.

Nurturing Financial Literacy

Pay Me First is a financial literacy mobile app for young children. This app allows children to manage their own finances, thereby teaching them financial independence and management from a young age.


2016 – 2020


iOS, Android


4 Members



Client's Vision

Pay Me First envisioned a groundbreaking partnership that would revolutionize financial education for children. Their goal was ambitious yet fundamental – to craft an engaging and educational platform where children could seamlessly learn the art of saving, while parents actively guided their financial growth. Pay Me First aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical financial concepts and their practical application, laying a sturdy foundation for a secure financial future.

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Our Approach

Virtue Xolutions embarked on a multi-faceted journey that artfully blended innovation, user-centric design, and meaningful financial education. Our three-stage approach was designed to empower children, make financial learning enjoyable, and provide parents with the tools to actively support their children’s financial journeys.

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Three Stages of Planning

  • Engaging UX/UI Design: Our journey commenced with the creation of an engaging UX/UI experience, meticulously designed to resonate with young minds. We aimed to demystify the complex world of finance, making it accessible and enjoyable.

  • Goal-Based Savings Module: A hallmark of our approach was the development of a goal-based savings module. This innovative feature transformed aspirations into achievable daily targets, instilling the fundamental concept of saving and financial discipline.

  • Parental Involvement: We recognized the pivotal role parents play in financial education. Therefore, our approach included features that allowed parents to actively participate in their children’s financial journeys. Parents could offer guidance, monitor progress, and reinforce valuable lessons.

The Result

Our partnership with Pay Me First resulted in outcomes that resonate deeply with their mission of fostering financial responsibility and literacy in young minds. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, our collaboration surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting imprint on both children and parents.

The Pay Me First app stood as a testament to our commitment to nurturing lifelong financial skills. By seamlessly integrating education with user-friendly design, children embraced the art of money management in an engaging and impactful manner.

Through Pay Me First, we showcased the power of technology as an educational catalyst. We successfully translated financial concepts into interactive experiences, redefining how children perceive and manage money, and bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.